lit|ter1 [ˈlıtə US -ər] n
2¦(baby animals)¦
3¦(for cat's toilet)¦
5 a litter of something
6¦(for animal's bed)¦
[Date: 1300-1400; : Old French; Origin: litiere, from lit 'bed']
1.) ¦(WASTE)¦[U]
waste paper, cans etc that people have thrown away and left on the ground in a public place
= ↑rubbish, trash ↑trash, garbage ↑garbage
People who drop litter can be fined in some cities.
a town with a litter problem
a group of baby animals that a mother gives birth to at the same time
litter of
a litter of kittens
small grains of a dry substance that is put in a container that a cat uses as a toilet indoors
cat litter
a litter tray
4.) ¦(FOREST)¦[U]
leaf litter
dead leaves and other decaying plants on the ground in a forest
5.) a litter of sth
literary a group of things that look very untidy
A litter of notes, papers, and textbooks were strewn on the desk.
a substance such as ↑straw that a farm animal sleeps on
7.) ¦(BED)¦
a chair or bed for carrying important people, used in past times
litter 2
litter2 v
1.) also litter up [T]
if things litter an area, there are a lot of them in that place, scattered in an untidy way
Clothes littered the floor.
litter sth with sth
The desk was littered with papers.
2.) be littered with sth
if something is littered with things, there are a lot of those things in it
= ↑be full of something
Recent business news has been littered with stories of companies failing.
3.) [I and T]
to leave waste paper, cans etc on the ground in a public place
4.) [i]technical
if an animal such as a dog or cat litters, it gives birth to babies

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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